Piaroo’s Wish operates solely on a volunteer and donation system, we run solely thanks to the community of Reading and surrounding areas. Not a single person involved with Piaroo’s has a paid role, including the chairman and committee members who give up their time to do this on a volunteer basis.

If you’d like to help Piaroo’s Wish, we have a number of ways in which we require help.

Volunteering – Can you help us on a Wednesday anytime for any period between 10:45am-2pm? We operate every Wednesday between 11am-2pm for the homeless, vulnerable, needy and elderly we help and always welcome new volunteers.

Cold food donations – Can you help with any cold food donations? Some items can be stocked and stored, whereas other items like doughnuts and fruit, for example, do need to be donated fresh. You can find out more about our food donations by clicking here.

Hot food donations – Can you help with cooking up some hot meals to serve to our guest? Hot meals need to be delivered hot to the centre – located at the Fairview Community Centre on Great Knolly’s Street (the central swimming pool side), to find out more about donating hot food donations please click here.

Toiletries – Can you help with any toiletry donations? Items such as deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, wet wipes, sanitary products, shower gel etc are provided for our guest, if you’d like to see the full list of toiletry items we provide, please click here.

Clothing – Seasonal clothing is always welcome, but please do get in touch to discuss this first as we sometimes end up with a little bit one week, and too much the next week.

Storage – Can you help Piaroo’s Wish with storage? We don’t have any storage or funds to be able to pay for storage, so if you have a garage, spare room, unit or any other form of space that can be used for storage that’s not in use, please do consider Piaroo’s Wish for storage. Items that will be stored in storage are items such as urns (for hot water), toiletries, foods & drinks and clothing items.

Drop off point – Can you become a Piaroo’s Wish Drop Off Point? We have drop off points all over Reading and even the surrounding area’s, however, we could always do with more.

Financial donations – If you’d like to help but physically can’t for whatever reason (maybe it’s your work commitments, the fact you don’t drive or just don’t have the time), we are happy to take a financial donation to help. Please click here for further details.